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Wooden windows encased in aluminum

Description: Our wooden windows are produced from three-layered wooden beams without any branches or other defects; their external layers are produced from radial-cut wood. This technological solution enhances the resistance to deformations. Different types of wood such as pine, larch and oak are used for our products. Wooden windows of such quality give your house a feeling of comfort and, at the same time, may be easily renewed in the future. BINDINGS Our company uses the bindings that are produced by a German company Roto Frank AG. The German company is a major producer of this production since 1935 and it is well-known in the European market for its durability and longevity. In order to ensure the safety of our products, it is essential to produce windows that have a solid lock, lasting throughout the whole perimeter, as well as hinges located close to frames. These factors protect your house from attacks and ensure energy efficiency. Windows may be ordered with shutters that give an exclusive look and style to your house. Shutters are very useful when protecting interior from the direct sun, noise or burglary. Shutters can be chosen from different shapes and applied when constructing a window. They are controlled from inside, therefore, making them very convenient to use. Wooden windows are covered externally with the aluminum profiles produced by Gutmann. The profiles are characterized as long-lasting, resistant and are easy to maintain. Natural wood used in the production provides the atmosphere of warmth and coziness. FINISH In order to finish the construction of our windows, we use the impregnation and finishing materials produced by Tekna and Remmers. The materials deeply penetrate into wood and protect windows from external factors. The RAL color palette offers diversity of color, while Tekna Aquatop Remmers offers a vast palette of shades. Possible finishing for wooden windows: • Varnished (from both sides); • Varnished/painted; • Painted (from both sides); • Painted in different colors. Horizontal parts of the European-type windows are protected against external factors by aluminum window drip moulds that are of white, brown or aluminum colors or painted by adjusting the color to that of a product. Wooden windows may be covered with painted or anodized aluminum Gutmann Cora profiles that improve the longevity of windows and are easy to maintain. GLAZING Our wooden windows are glazed with one or two layers of glass helping to ensure solid thermal and sound insulation. The mix of glass packets from well-known companies and different glass are used to meet the highest standards: • Energy-saving, selective glass; • Sound insulating glass; • Solar control glass; • Safety (laminated) glass; • Toned, opaque, patterned glass. The following glass packet thicknesses are available: • IV 68 windows: 34-36mm; • IV 78 windows: 34-44mm. FURNITURE Different openings are available: • Opening-tilting; • Opening; • Parallel sliding; • Transom opening mechanisms. OTHER ACCESSORIES In order to meet the needs of our clients, we offer different accessories that help to improve functions and maintenance of wooden windows. For example, we offer ventilators attached to frames, casings, glass packets or safety nets for protection against insects. On customer request, we may offer wooden windows from outside covered with Gutmann aluminium profiles. Windows produced in this way characterize with longevity, resistance to aggressive media and are easy to maintain. Natural wood creates a feeling of warm and cosy environment from inside. European type IV68/78 profile windows, outside of which is covered with anodized or painted aluminium Gutmann Cora profiles. Colours of the anodized profile are the following: silver EV1, bronze G214, dark brown G216. On customer request, profiles are painted in different colours of RAL palette, wood colour is selected from Tekna and Remmers colour catalogue. Aluminium profiles are fixed to the wooden part with dedicated holders, thus, on necessity, panel may be easily separated from the wooden part of the window. Profiles of casing and stud are with 20º gradient, thus water and dirt from external surfaces is removed much quicker. Joints with eccentric contraction screws are used for connecting profiles.
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About company: Alseka Ltd. was opened in 1994 and, as a privately owned company, started out as a producer of wooden internal and external doors and windows. Today Alseka Ltd is one of the leading window and door manufacturing companies in Lithuania. The company activities - windows, doors, facades and other production from plastic, wood and aluminum. The company is a member of the Lithuanian Republic Association of Manufacturers of Windows and Doors. Our company has a certificate issued by the Lithuanian Ministry of Environment, allowing us to work with the projects of renovation and repairs as well as to install plastic and wooden doors and windows into the specialized construction projects. Our products are certified at the Lithuanian Centre of Certification of Construction Products (SPSC). We have ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TUV Nordic certificates, that means that we meet highest standards and requirements from our customers. The company exports its products to Scandinavian market, France, Italy, UK, Russia, Korea, Belarus and Latvia. Our clients demand from us not only the good ratio between prices and quality but also diversity, stability and efficiency. More about our company, projects and products – please find on our web site -
Company address: Naujoji st. 138, Alytus
Phone: +370 62073730

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