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UAB “Medeinės parkai”

Description: UAB “Medeinės parkai” is working on big tree replanting. We combined biology, technology and design knowledge to provide our customers the best services. Now we can replant trees that are up to 10 metres tall. You can choose trees from our big trees nursery, which is full of traditional lithuanian trees and exotics species. We can also move you own trees to a better place, where they will flourish and increase the price of the real estate you own. We work with big companies and individual homeowners and help them create the best landscapes. To use our services you do not need to wait until spring or autumn comes – we can provide our services each and every season.
Price: 300.00 Eur/pcs
Payment: Bank
Category: Agriculture , Category: Other
Big tree replanting
Big tree replanting


UAB "Medeinės parkai"


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