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SEO optimization

Description: Good day, We would like to offer your company to try SEO optimization - 7 days FREE. Send us your contact details and keywords that mostly reflect your activities, we will prepare a contract, then after signing it we will start 7 days free SEO services. Why should you order SEO services from us, and why SEO Optimization is useful to your company? SEO Optimization - this is 24 hours a day online visibility, generating an excellent return on investment! 1. You will become more visible to potential customers – you will improve position in Google search; 2. It attracts more visitors; 3. You will increase sales; 4. You will increase the company's name popularity! (98% of Internet users use the Google search, and 9 out of 10 are limited to the first Google search page) 5. Buyers will have more confidence to your website when it will be high on Google search; 6. You will overtake the competitors; 7. More orders, sales, and customers; 8. It is appropriate small investment - you pay once, and the results you can see in the long-term period; 9. Average customer return on investment in SEO is 400%; 10. Investing in SEO you will save 70% of Internet Marketing; 11. Already after the first week you will see that your position is moving up in Google Search. Save time and money by giving SEO optimization work to professionals! SEO optimization increases the web traffic from a few to a few dozen times! The prices are following: 7 DAYS FREE, 1 month - 300 EUR; 2 months - 600 EUR; 3 months - 900 EUR; 6 months - 1800 EUR. Sincerely, marketing manager +37067100465
Price: 300.00 Eur/pcs
Payment: Bank




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