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Scaffolding L-73 (type Layher Baumann)

Description: Typical of the type of Layher Scaffolding is a system of wedges which, when assembled frames and railing cancel clearances between the seams. Layher Scaffolding facade type has gained the opinion of a more rigid and therefore more suitable for use when working at a height of several meters.
Price: 26.00 Eur/pcs
Payment: Other


Monter Rusztowania i Szalunki

About company: The company's mission Monter Scaffolding and Formwork is a comprehensive service for companies and businesses built based on products of the highest quality. Taking care of the interests of our customers use innovative methods in production, we search for the best products, at the same time we act ethically and still take good care of their employees. All our efforts are focused on the goal - to provide scaffolding and formwork highest quality in Poland and Europe. In dealing with partners, customers, suppliers always operate individually, offer the best possible solution for both parties. In dealing with customers priority is to respect their needs. Using advanced systems for the production of scaffolding and formwork, we provide our customers with satisfaction. In production we use the highest quality steel and certificates.
Company address: Kochanów 113, 32-064 Rudawa
Phone: +48126260452

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