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Rye Bread JONĖ (390 g)

Description: This is 100% rye flour bread without yeast. Exclusive texture, long rectangular shape, enjoyable taste. In Lithuania rye bread is highly appreciated, because of its health benefits. It is baked in rectangular loaf and packed, or divided into smaller packages. Ingredients: Rye flour, water, leaven, sugar, thermally stabilized fermented rye malt, caraway seeds, and iodised salt, unfermented rye malt. Price depends on the weight of bread and volume of orders.
Price: 0.00 Eur/g
Payment: Bank
Looking for: Distributor, supplier, agent
Category: Food and drinks , Category: Pastries and bread


JSC Baltasis pyragas

About company: JSC „Baltasis pyragas“ is one of the largest bakery in Lithuania, which bakes exclusive quality and taste rye bread. Company can offer real traditional Lithuanian bread in different sizes, shapes and tastes. JSC „Baltasis pyragas“ assortment consists of dark rye bread, white rye-wheat bread, white wheat bread, long loaf, bread bowls for soup. Furthermore, almost all company's products are without preservatives and additives.
Company address: Sodų st. 11, LT-55189 Jonava, Lithuania
Phone: +370 349 51079

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