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Pellet boiler

Description: Safe The boiler “BIOKAITRA” is highly reliable, as the operation system installed meets all safety requirements required in Europe. Award Winning The bio-boiler “BIOKAITRA BIO95” gained a gold medal as a “Lithuanian Product of the Year 2013”. The bio-boiler “BIOKAITRA BIO50” gained a gold medal as a “Lithuanian Product of the Year 2012”; The bio-boiler “BIOKAITRA BIO30“ won a silver medal as a “Lithuanian Product of the Year 2011". Economical The efficiency of the boiler is at least 88 % Low heating costs are guaranteed by the range of cheaper fuel in pellets The price of 1 kW/h heating with straw pellets is 13 ct Versatile The boiler “BIOKAITRA” provides the choice of the fuel type preferable to the client, this is because the boiler can be heated by using pellets from different agricultural crops, straws or wood. Therefore, the client can always save by choosing a cheaper fuel. Appropriate fuel: straw pellets, peat pellets, sunflower hull pellets, wood pellets, solid fuels (firewood, wood briquettes only in boiler of 30 and 50kW). Easy to use and maintain The fuel to be refilled every 3-7 days Automatic ignition Automatized transfer of fuel Easy service of the boiler and burner Simple and intuitive operation of the boiler Effortless transfer from one type of fuel to the other The power of the boiler is adjustable in accordance the necessity of the heat Considerable capacity for the ash Innovative The burner technology of the boiler “Biokaitra” copes with the residual slag of straw pellets during the burning process. While burning the straw pellets, the burner is able to remove slag simultaneously. Ecological To produce the heat, the boiler uses pellets from straws, agricultural crops or wood that are not harmful to the environment, and after burning, the ash can be used as ecological fertilizer in the farming. Easy storage of the fuel The pellets from agricultural crops, straws or wood can be bought all year round. Therefore, it is not necessary to have much storage space for large quantities of fuel. Expedite technical service The boiler “BIOKAITRA” is produced in Lithuania. This provides us with a possibility to react promptly and supply the client with the help required. As well, we provide after-sales and post-warranty service with dispatch, as all spare parts of the boiler are always in our stock.
Price: 2 400.00 Eur/pcs
Min. Order Quantity: 1 pcs
Max. Quantity per Month: 100 pcs
Payment: Bank
Looking for: Heating/ boiler
Category: Building materials , Category: Decoration


UAB "Biokaitra"

About company: UAB Biokaitra is the only company in Lithuania and the Baltic States, manufacturing automatic boilers heated by pellets from different agricultural crops such as straw or wood chips. Biokaitra have created a new technology which overcomes the challenge of production of surplus slag faced by traditional boilers. Biokaitra technology reduces the amount of slag produced during the burning process, resulting in the smooth and continuous operation of the boiler. The new technology was patented in 2009 and the advantages of it have already been proved not only by Lithuanian clients, but also internationally.
Company address: Sv. Stepono str. 27, Vilnius
Phone: +370 5 2195613

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