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Organic Fertilizer

Description: Please visit: BIOORG VH – Vermi Humus liquid concentrate EFFECT: - Stimulates the plant growth, helps to intake the nutrients, strengthens immune system - Protects against pathogens, enriches soil with nutrients RESULTS: - Until 20-40% increase of the harvest; - Until 15-26% increase of the harvest quality parameters; - Until 30-50% decrease the quantity of the mineral fertilizer; - Until 34-48% decrease of weed; - Until 5-10% increase of humus content in soil ADDITIONAL: - Increase of phosphorous and potassium share in soil; - Increase of plant development and growth accelerating chlorophyll and carotenoids USE: - Fertilising 4 L/ha, *dilution 1:100 -**Seed preparation 4-5 L/t.
Price: 2.50 Eur/kg
European ecological certificate, veterinary certificate
Payment: Bank
Category: Agriculture , Category: Other




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