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Multimedia Digital Classroom with Video Recording Systems

Description: 1.7 Insert Type Video Recording Playing System 1) Insert Type Framework The Integrated Recording Machine adopts insert type framework, it is light and slim, portable, save space; with Linux system, to avoid the problem of Windows vulnerable to computer viruses, the system is more safe and stable; low energy consumption, fast cooling, avoid the problem of unnecessary damage of the parts due to high temperature, make it stable running; insert type adapts to various environment, e.g. dust, humidity, outdoors, reduce equipment failure rate, increase equipment life time, save cost of manual maintenance. 2) 6-path concurrent video processing The HD video recording system adopts HD shot technology in whole process, can conduct the 6-path concurrent signal 1080P50f/60f, guarantee high quality of collected input signals. Furthermore, to make sure the effect of live recording, according to the environmental situation of recording, can support mixed input of SDI video signal, far-end video signal, HDMI HD video signal, make sure of the best effect of video recording. 3) Remote B/S broadcasting instruction and local broadcasting instruction The recording system support 2 modes of broadcasting instructions - remote B/S broadcasting instruction and local broadcasting instruction, the remote B/S broadcasting instruction can let users to use the function of professional broadcasting instruction from remote which is accessible by network, without plug-in requirement, it is easy to use. The system supports the mode of local broadcasting instruction, you only need a mouse and display screen to get local broadcasting instruction, no delay, high fluency. Both broadcasting modes supports the operation of 6-path video preview, Single and multi-stream live output, video switch, audio adjustment, recording mode, special effect, movie head and end, caption, logo, camera control, it is easy to use and flexible. 4) Various Recording Modes Support single and multi stream recording modes, single stream mode supports the models of single-picture and multi-pictures, and switches in various display modes. Multi-stream recording mode support 1-pat movie video and 5-path video 1080P/30ffps individual decoding, and save as independent 6-path video, the video has no picture covered on each other, thus save complete materials for future editing. 5) Multi-point Interactive Education The Integrated Recording and Broadcasting Machine has the function of remote education, the built-in 4-point MCU multi-point interactive function, can open the function of 4-point interactive education simultaneously; function of video conference end, support SIP protocol, can directly interconnect to multi-point interactive platform MCS and conference TV end, apply to simultaneous class education in big scale in the district or city. 6) Easy operation, One-key Conduct Teacher can use the key on the control panel, operate by one-key, start and stop video recording. Also can set up automatic or manual recording on the network web page. If automatic recording, only need to press “start”. Press stop after class, the video of the whole class is finished. All other operation systems run automatically, simple and easy, very convenient.
Price: 70 000.00 Eur/pcs
Min. Order Quantity: 1
Max. Quantity per Month: 30
Payment: Other
Category: Hitech , Category: Other


Jane Won Education Equipment Development Limited

About company: Jane Won Education Equipment Development Limited produces advanced and modern multimedia digital education equipments for schools,colleges, universities and kindergartens; conference equipments for offices, meeting tooms. Products include: LCD all in one touch display screen, interactive electronic whiteboard, all in one machine, smart board, lecturing system, laser projector, multimedia lectern/podium and other traditional education equipment e.g. black board, green board, white board, chalk board, writing board, desk and chair for clasroom and board room, table and stool for canteen, dormitory and library facility, etc. We build complete projects of intelligent digital multimedia classrooms and meeting rooms, special purpose classrooms, e.g. Geometry classroom, and provides solutions of intellectual campus, multimedia education, conference system. Project and product inquiry Mr. Ryan1 Chen: Mob. +86-13928284736. Email: More details:
Company address: 7 Zhenghe Rd., Foshan, Guangdong, China
Phone: +86-13928284736

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