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Mobile app and other digital services

Description: Digital Strategies Investment into digital concepts allows our clients to stand on the cutting edge of digital medium in the development of their business. In BITSENS we are moving toward a path of innovation working with the possibilities of augmented reality, cloud computing, e-paper and smart objects development. Unique Design Graphic design contributes to creation of harmonious and effective communicative environment. It gives visual image to ideas, concepts and projects. Therefore message is clearly communicated to the customer. Web Development Internet has become an important part of modern reality and modern economy. Business, communications, services, goods and deals – all of this is present on the Web. It is very essential to rightly mark your Web presence in order to embark your growth and development across the Internet. Mobile Apps Reaching customers on time has become increasingly meaningful for organizations around the globe. Smartphone is one of the devices that facilitates interaction between company and customer. Functions and performances of smartphones, together with custom mobile applications boost customer experience to a completely new level. Critical Projects We love taking great risks and challenges, that is why fail-over, non-standard and critical projects are a big part of our work.
Price: 2 000.00 Eur/pcs
Payment: Bank, Payment: Paypal, Payment: Other


Bitsens, UAB

About company: BITSENS is young and aspiring digital agency located in Vilnius - capital of Lithuania. Having behind their shoulders some great experience in all kinds of digital-based projects, BITSENS gathered a big team of professionals, ready to meet your demands and develop your ideas.
Company address: Rudninku str. 14, LT-01135, Vilnius
Phone: +37061619696

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