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mimoza 140x220x40

Description: A piece of furniture embodying the drive of a young active man. His life rhythm spree and requirements to the surrounding environment. Outstanding functionality gives the freedom and versatility. Interesting and convenient... All edges of the couch can be bended and have three positions of gradient, so anyone can create their own individual look of this piece of furniture. Metal frame, „Pocket“ type springs of mattress and high-quality elegant oak box, all true and lasting. Price it is just average, because it is complex by material, complectation and formation. (A material) - 394 Eur (B material) - 438 Eur (C material) - 481 Eur We can offer quantity from 1 till what we can do per month , but if it is very big order you have to contact with us: UAB “Meduma“ Žemaitės g.21, Kėdainiai company code 302526991 VAT code LT100006337317 Director Ilona Jačunskienė A/s LT287044060007480622 AB SEB bank
Price: 437.00 Eur/pcs
Min. Order Quantity: 1 pcs
Max. Quantity per Month: 100 pcs
Payment: Bank
Special offers: In different time period like summer and winter we offering discounts and special bonuses. If you want to make big order or any other type of order you can contact with us UAB “Meduma“ more info and complectation
Category: Furniture , Category: Living room


UAB Meduma

About company: Unique furniture maker. Great design and conplectation many transformation design concepsion

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