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Milk Cream Skimmer Electric Separator Fermer ES01 up to 80 L/H

Description: Milk separator Fermer ES01 with electric drive of productivity up to 80 l/h is designed for separating unskimmed milk for cream and skimmed milk. Its designed for home use, however its perfect for small-medium farming due to its long working cycles. Its construction is quite simple, therefore it is very reliable and easy to maintain. It is possible to regulate cream fatness. Metal parts are made from stainless steel and plastic part are food grade ones. The power plug is two pins, however i will include adapter free of charge Warranty 6 months Any questions please do not hesitate to contact, will be glad to help and support. Contacts +37067185888 +37061612280
Price: 88.00 Eur/pcs
Min. Order Quantity: 1 pcs
Payment: Bank
Category: Agriculture , Category: Other


VšĮ Akseleratas

Phone: +37067185888

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