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Description: Polishers ver. GR04 is applicable for polishing material e.g. preparation of samples for fatigue tests. The polishers can reduce surface residual stress after grinding. The whole process is controlled by application through touchscreen. The main advantages: •electronic control of process, •longitudinal surface polishing, •low stress tooling, •possibility of polishing different element geometry. System design and operation. The system consists of: •Polisher ver. GR04, •Sets of sandpaper rolls, sets of sandpapers pushers, •Other accessories (like driver turning), •Maintenance manual of the entire system including: Description of the system, User manual, Diagrams of electrical connection,List of parts used in the system with separation of list of items: external supplier and MTC parts. Documentation is prepared in English (other languages available on request). Device description. 1. Polisher is able to polish cylindrical and flat samples in different diameters and lengths. 2. Polishing is carried out automatically and longitudinally. 3. Polishing process is controlled so that contact between the specimen and a particular area on the paper occurs only once. The sandpaper is shifted after each longitudinal polishing step. Shifting is adjustable between 0 – 10 mm with 1 mm steps. At the same time specimen should be rotated after each longitudinal polishing step. Rotating is adjustable between 0 – 10° with 1° steps. 4. Sandpaper pushing force is traceable on the touch screen in order to make sure there is no change in the force during whole polishing process of one sample. It is adjustable between 0,5 – 5 kg with 0,1 kg steps. Sandpaper is backed during polishing with rubber having minimum 4.8 mm thickness. 5. Speed of longitudinal movement of sandpaper is adjustable between 10 – 70 mm/sec with 10 mm/sec steps. 6. Usage of different sandpapers (ex. 200 grit, 400 grit, 600 grit etc.) is possible on the polisher. 7. Movement distance of sandpaper (active polishing length) is adjustable between 20 -300 mm. 8. Polishing is done according to ASTM E466, ASTM E606 and EN 6072 (ability of polishing specimens: cylindrical type A, B, flat type 1,2,3,4). 9. All adjustments presented above are controlled with a touchscreen located on the polisher.
Price: 0.00 Eur/kg
Min. Order Quantity: 1
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About company: MTC S.A. constitutes a team of young and ambitious engineers with extensive technical experience. Common goal, mission and involvement of our employees have led to the development of a strong company reaching numerous successes in the industrial sector. Our company’s operations are based on implementation of modern technologies and solutions in the field of non-destructive testing, creating systems for continuous monitoring of structures, as well as technical support of NDT and SHM systems sales.
Company address: Cegielniana 4a
Phone: +48124446320

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