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interactive electronic whiteboard

Description: Interactive electronic whiteboard Item No. GY-G80 Software functions: Operation mode: by any opaque object such as hand or pen, left-click, double-click, and support right-click, to write by pen, pick up the eraser to erased; Multi-touch support: double-point gesture can rotate or scale the object, and write in two different areas at the same time; Annotation function: it supports Word and PPT annotation, ink stains and graphics embedding, and PPT toolbar appears automatically under the full screen in PPT; Writing function: it has a variety of writing pens (hard pen, soft pen, brush, fluorescent pen, oil brush, crayon, color pencil, broad brush (specially developed for writing minority languages), and can edit the writing content (move, copy, delete, change the size and color, clone, unlimited clone, etc.). Whiteboard (blackboard) function: support the establishment of various board formats, i.e. whiteboard, blackboard, green board and musical notation, board for Chinese characters and other boards. Provide functions of screen occlusion, spotlight, photography, scraping, screen zoom in/out and etc. Recording (photography): supports saving screen contents (and sounds) as multimedia files that can be played back immediately. Multimedia support: support to insert common audio, video, pictures, FLASH and other multimedia resources; Support 3D resources, 3D text function; Object animation: support object zooming, moving, flying in and out, fading in and out and other animation effects; Chinese and English and geometric recognition function: non-third-party tool of Chinese and English and geometric automatic recognition conversion. Diagnostic function: it can monitor the working status of whiteboard hardware at any time, timely detect and make fault report, and facilitate after-sales service technicians to timely solve problems for users. Support for multiple operating systems: Windows XP / 2003 / Vista/Windows 7, etc. ★ Note mode: different colors of pens can be used to mark on the screen ★ Eraser: the use of an eraser can erase the handwriting marked on the screen at any time (easy to erase the handwriting) ★ Rotation: the inserted courseware (picture) can be rotated 360 degrees ★ Spotlights: use spotlights to highlight the key parts Function: can draw a variety of function graphics ★ Screen cover: use screen cover, you can achieve the display of up, down, left, right parts of the content of the screen ★ Set up various types of writing pages: easy to set up a variety of writing pages (staff chart, field grid, coordinate map, sports venues, Chinese writing paper, etc.) ★ Zoom in/out: can edit the content of vertical scaling, horizontal scaling, overall scaling, scaling rotation ★ Index page: save for each step of the operation on software at any time, you can view the contents of each page through the index page, the index page can be arbitrarily moved ★ soft keyboard: to call out the system soft keyboard at any time, easy to input text ★ Blackboard function: can open the blackboard by one key, the default display form is black background and white words ★ Writing without boundaries: you can drag the whiteboard interface to achieve no boundaries, can restore the initial page by the button, easy to find. ★ Text input: the input text function enables users to enter printed text on the page, or directly copy and paste text from other programs to the current page ★ Fluorescent pen: mark key parts with translucent lines, the transparency can be changed ★ Graphic function and intelligent recognition: the system has graphics of circle, triangle, rectangle, diamond, ellipse, square, pentagon, rectangular coordinate system and so on. Moreover, it can automatically recognize irregular shapes drawn by hand, such as circles and rectangles, as corresponding regular shapes ★Edit the setting of content properties: the transparency, drawing colors and writing thickness of all the content in the writing mode can be reset ★Video annotation function: in multimedia play, video playback can be marked, scaled, rotated and saved, and the whiteboard operation record can be saved. ★Recording screen: can record and save the teacher's writing process and language at the same time ★Play back the current page: play back the current page, play back the entire process of the page drawing and editing ★Clear the page: can clear all the contents written on the current page by a key ★Fill graph: used to fill a closed area on the page ★Save: the current ready-made picture can be saved as the original picture. Save as: save the displaying content on the current screen with the format of *.Ds, BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, HTML, PDF, PPT ★file import, export: support a variety of functions of data formats import, export ★Geometry: support drawing of straight line, circle, single arrow, double arrows, standard circle, quadrilateral, equilateral triangle, diamond, trapezoid ★Measuring tools: convenient for demonstrating and measuring various properties of written objects ★Camera: users can take screen shots in multiple modes ★Insert multiple types of grid source documents: pluggable format of BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, HTML, PDF, PPT ★Extension tool: users can customize the personalized toolbar ★Software service: can provide with free upgrade of the software for the product for life Hardware features: Dimensions: usable operating area and writing area not less than 84 inches, aspect ratio: 16:10 Touch sensing technology: optical image sensing technology USB report resolution: 32767 * 32767 Touch accuracy is less than 2.5mm Cursor speed (sampling rate) is greater than 180 frames/SEC Response time (scanning speed) : 6 ms or less, there is no delay Size of induction objectФ 5.0 mm or less, no writing blind area supports multi-touch Have the product quality inspection report of provincial and ministerial authority Interface: USB2.0, communication distance is not less than 10m Calibration: one calibration is enough, without drift Other features: can prevent glare and reflection, dust, dirt, water, riot, anti-light; ★Edge design: micro-arc design ★Border design: extruded aluminum alloy (solid) ★Panel material: aviation aluminum honeycomb board Functional features 1. The audio system can be used alone when it is powered up, effectively extending the service life of projectors or LCD TVS and internal computers; 2. Metal case, strong and durable, beautiful and high-grade, the size is not greater than 1230mm*300mm*60mm, easy to be embedded in the blackboard, integral installation with LCD TV or electronic whiteboard for use; 3. There are no screws or rivets on the outside of the case. The whole case is smooth, beautiful and elegant. Adopt the structure of the front dismounting, which is beneficial to the daily quick repair and maintenance of the equipment; 4. Except for the mechanical lock and handle of the warehouse door of the display platform, there is no protruding device on the front of the case for the easy opening and closing of the blackboard; 5. Two-digit digital tube is used to display various working conditions and parameters to facilitate users to monitor the use status of equipment; 6. Two kinds of projector control code input methods: pre-save 99 sets of projector 232 control Code for the user to call directly, reduce the trouble of the user to write code, at the same time, the model not included can be written freely by the user; 7. The initial volume is automatically adjusted, and the system automatically adjusts the volume from small to large to the set value when starting up after setting; 8. When power off, the projector's cooling period countdown function can effectively protect the projector. 9. Control the system intelligently by a key, when switch "system switch" of the integrated machine, automatically step with switch of all devices i.e. projector, computer and central control, etc., the operation is more simple and convenient 10. The two boot modes of card swiping and key pressing coexist to effectively prevent the equipment from not able to turn on due to lost or damaged card keys.
Price: 3 000.00 Eur/pcs
Min. Order Quantity: 1
Max. Quantity per Month: 1 000
Payment: Bank
Looking for: Schools,colleges,universities,kindergartens
Category: Consumer goods , Category: Electronics


Jane Won Education Equipment Development Limited

About company: Jane Won Education Equipment Development Limited produces advanced and modern multimedia digital education equipments for schools,colleges, universities and kindergartens; conference equipments for offices, meeting tooms. Products include: LCD all in one touch display screen, interactive electronic whiteboard, all in one machine, smart board, lecturing system, laser projector, multimedia lectern/podium and other traditional education equipment e.g. black board, green board, white board, chalk board, writing board, desk and chair for clasroom and board room, table and stool for canteen, dormitory and library facility, etc. We build complete projects of intelligent digital multimedia classrooms and meeting rooms, special purpose classrooms, e.g. Geometry classroom, and provides solutions of intellectual campus, multimedia education, conference system. Project and product inquiry Mr. Ryan1 Chen: Mob. +86-13928284736. Email: More details:
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