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Inspection system MR 2000

Description: Inspection system MR-2000 has been designed for remote testing of ferromagnetic flat surface, for example: bulkhead walls of ships or tanks. The system consist of ultrasonic thickness gauge and a vision system. The robot shortens and facilitates measurements – eliminates building of scaffolding and manual measurements. The advantages of the system: - measurement without preparation of the surface being tested, − the acceptable thickness of the paint coating, corrosion or contamination - up to 3 mm, − a wide temperature range of the test surfaces (-40 to + 80oC,) − point or linear measurement of wall thickness, − functionality of flaw detector - A-scan, measurement gates, changing of settings, − camera image in quality FullHD directly transmitted to the computer, − automatic recording of the results and generate reports after test, − the high maneuverability - pass diverse surface geometry. Inspection system MR-2000 holds the Approval Certificate of Polish Register of Shipping. Our company realizes individual ofert, solves untypical problems and provides a complete service from idea to implementation. More information about our company and products is available on our website: For any questions, please contact with us by email: or by telephone: 0048 12 444 63 20
Price: 0.00 Eur/kg
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About company: The research and development activity is the driving force behind our company. We solve unique problems within the scope of non-destructive testing. We specialise in manufacturing dedicated diagnostic equipment. Our systems operate based on ultrasonic and eddy-current testing. Our solutions have applications in among others the automotive, power and shipbuilding industries.
Company address: Cracow
Phone: 00 48 12 444 63 20

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