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Description: Compared with wine, which is exported as a finished product from the producing country, in coffee consuming countries it is imported as an unfinished product. Despite the fact that natural coffee flavor is raising the country's economic conditions result roasters have the power to influence coffee flavor balance. Taste balance consists of the following components ratio: acidity, bitterness, sweetness. Roasting also determines the way we perceive the aroma of coffee. In other words, we could make completely different from taste from the same coffee beans while roasting them differently. Another important aspect that coffee stays freshly roasted about 2 months. Major producers store coffee which is already roasted and packed. We can offer fresh coffee. Coffee will be prepared only then we receive your order. Sorts of coffee: ARABICA: Indonesia Mandheling Guatemala Genuine Antigua Bolivia Altura Fairtrade org. Tanzania Kigoma Dom. Republic Karoma est. Panama Boquete Peru SHB EP Org. Costa Rica Olympia Guatemala Amate India Little Flower Nicaragua Talia Extra Peru Tabaconas Uganda Bugisu Mexico Monte Grande Brazil Sul de minas Honduras Santa Rosa Brazil Santos ROBUSTA: India Kaapi Royal Guatemala Amate India Little Flower Guatemala Genuine Antigua Honduras Santa Rosa Costa Rica Olympia Nicaragua Talia Extra Mexico Monte Grande Dom. Republic Karoma est. Panama Boquete Brazil Santos Brazil Sul de Minas Peru Tabaconas Tanzania Kigoma Uganda Bugisu Indonesia Mandheling Peru SHB EP Organic
Price: 9.00 Eur/
Special price: 7.00 Eur/
Min. Order Quantity: 100
Payment: Bank
Looking for: Seller
Category: Food and drinks , Category: Coffee and tea




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