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Digital catalogue

Description: Digital version of the catalogue (PDF, ISSUE, etc.) for use on computer, to email clients or add to your site. Digital catalogue also known as flipviewer or just e-catalogue. It is worth to use digital catalogue services because : • design will be created based on your presented examples, requests or our suggestions • drafts are developed quickly. Even in very large amount (e.g., 1,000 pages.) catalogues will be prepared in one week after data submission. Error free drafts, because data is loaded automatically (no manual preparation). Comparing with other layout design methods time to check the draft is quicker. You can change data in any stage of layout design. Even in the last minute (1-2 days to printing)! For classical layout design is almost impossible. • having printed catalogue layout design, electronic catalogue layout design can be similar (without additional editing) • on Your request will be activated search, content, Internet links.
Price: 100.00 Eur/pcs
Payment: Bank


Catalogs Production

About company: Catalogs Production by DAKRA is a brand which represents a simple and easy catalogue making process. Our company is different, because it combines the functions of design, printing and IT.
Company address: Jonavos str. 260, LT44131 Kaunas
Phone: +37037331885

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