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Diesel engine timing belt trainer

Description: Order number: IVOD–CR01 The educational training engine model is based on original components of the vehicle. This cutaway model painted with different colors to better differentiate the various parts and cross-sections. Educational purpose of the engine model: - Demonstration of the different components of the engine; - Demonstration of the OHC timing belt replacement using special tools; - Demonstration of the alternator belt replacement; - Demonstration and explanation of the technical literature/schemes and procedures; - Demonstration of the OHC engine with Diesel Common Rail injection (CR) combustion chamber; Training engine cutaway model is a great educational tool that allows students to learn the structure of the engine and its components, operation modes and maintenance, technical specifications, special tools and their use. Technical specifications and functions Visible components of the sectioned engine model: - Engine block; - Engine head; - Crankshaft - OHC camshaft with valves - Pistons with rings; - Timing belt with camshaft sprocket and tensioners; - Alternator belt with tensioner; - High pressure CR pump - Power steering pump - Air conditioner compressor Cut away engine model is designed to demonstrate: - Piston, rings, combustion chamber, intake and exhaust ports, OHC components, injector and glow plug positions in a combustion chamber; - Operation of the OHC mechanism by turning the crankshaft*; * Training cut away engine model is not suitable for intensive rotation. All rotating parts must be lubricated before the rotation. Timing and alternator belt replacement The educational engine model contains all elements of the original car: timing belt, tensioners, alternator belt, crankshaft sprocket and etc. Using instructions and recommendations it is possible to demonstrate belt replacement procedures. Torque measurements of the components can be performed by using special tools. Other - Minimal space for training and storage; - Minimal weight in order to avoid additional transportation or - mounting stands. Demonstrations can be performed using workbench or tool trolley; - Cross-section of the training engine is protected with safety - plastic protection; - Training engine model is equipped with bench clamps; - Training engine model is equipped with special tool kit for timing belt replacement; - Dimensions approx. (HxLxW): 650x600x320 mm - Nett weight approx.: 75 Kg - Made in Lithuania; Optional accessories - Standard tool kit; - Workbench; - Technical car database;
Price: 0.00 Eur/pcs
CE certificate
Payment: Other
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Baltijos Automobiliu Diagnostikos Sistemos

About company: Our company designs and manufactures cars and trucks self – contained, fully operational engines with different fuel supply systems: petrol (MPI, FSI, TFSI, TSI and etc.), diesel (TD, TDI, Commonrail, PD, PLD and etc.) and hybrid petrol electric drive system. All our manufactured operational engines are available with pin-out facilities and fault simulation to assist students in the diagnostic training and to help them understand modern vehicle systems. Long lasting cooperation between our company and different automotive/mechanical schools, technical colleges and centers helps us to provide them optimal, “up to date” and high performance training products and solutions, suitable to their needs in various programs.
Company address: Ateities str. 30G, Kaunas LT - 52163
Phone: +370 37 33 78 42

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