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Berry preserves

Description: UAB “Vilroka” produces 6 kinds of preserves: raspberry, cherry, strawberry, black and red currant and cranberry. They are used for retail. Preserves comes in two sizes: 600 g and 320 g. 600 g preserves Amount of berry: cranberry 43 %, strawberry, raspberry and black currant 50 %, cherry 60 % Dry matter – 64 % (except black currant 62 %) 320 g preserves Amount of berry: cranberry and black currant 43 %, red currant 44 %, raspberry and strawberry 50 %, cherry 55 % Dry matter – 62 %
Price: 1.50 Eur/pcs
Payment: Bank
Category: Food and drinks , Category: Canned food


UAB Vilroka

About company: UAB “Vilroka” has been established in 1997. In the beggining of a business factory has been working as a production base for UAB “Rokiskio konservai”. Nowadays here work 16 people. The main activity of a company is a production of jams, confectionery fillings and preserves for wholesale and confectionary companies as well as production of preserves and apple cheese for retailers, restaurants and shops. UAB “Vilroka” produces more than 20 kinds of products.
Company address: Perkuno g. 4, Rokiskis
Phone: +37069975108

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