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AIVA 9001 Manufacturing software

Description: AIVA 9001 is an original business process management program, without no analogue in the world, easily adaptable to any standard and non-standard manufacturing processes. AIVA 9001 is a program, the only one out of the known programs, which automates all the business management processes in a cross-cutting manner touching on all issues. This results in a significant reduction of management costs, savings on staff employment, avoidance of data-entry errors, which usually occur with use of multiple program applications, and in an accelerated execution of the client orders. Program AIVA 9001 may be installed as an entire application or only its separate modules. The main modules of program AIVA 9001 are given in the table below: Module Description of main functions Catalogue-Standard product database (DB), non-standard product models Marketing- Newsletters, pricelists, printing of envelope addresses CRM module- Client database, contact planning, contact registration, reports Commerce- Proposals, offers, agreements, orders for production, reports e-Commerce- Orders for production, reports on order execution progress Management of production- Distribution of orders, report on semi-manufactured goods and raw materials Planning- Planning of manufacturing operations and supply, GANTT charts Management of processes- Tasks of manufacturing operations, registration, reports Supply- Calculation of lack, order processing, logistics and receipt of raw materials Warehouse- Issue of products, logistics, returns, transfers, reports Service Services- Machinery maintenance schedules, registration of repairs, accounting Staff- Payroll calculation (result-based), working time accounting Finances- Reminders to debtors, registration of expenses Accounting- Accounting statements, payments to suppliers, payments from clients Assets- Accounting of assets, depreciation, inventory with accumulator Documents- e-registers of documents, preparation, control
Price: 30 000.00 Eur/pcs
Payment: Bank
Looking for: Customers, Distribution parteners




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